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Spektrum A6300 HV Ultra Torque Brushless Servo MG

Artikel-Nr.:  094SPMSA6300
Spektrum A6300 HV Ultra Torque Brushless Servo MG - Bild 1
Spektrum A6300 HV Ultra Torque Brushless Servo MG - Bild 2
Spektrum A6300 HV Ultra Torque Brushless Servo MG - Bild 1Spektrum A6300 HV Ultra Torque Brushless Servo MG - Bild 2
Hersteller: Spektrum
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The A6300 is the first in an evolving line of Spektrum brushless servos that provide leading edge performance with uncompromised reliability. Boasting an extremely powerful 530 oz-in torque and a lightning fast .10 sec/60° transit time @8.4v, the A6300 will make RC enthusiasts take a second look at Spektrum Servos.

The A6300 features a top of the line brushless drive train that is recognized as being exceptionally strong and reliable. This durability is expertly matched with a low wear, all metal gear train that is virtually slop free. All housed in a heatsinking, all-aluminum case with preinstalled eyelets and grommets, which makes mounting these servos quick and easy.
The Spektrum A6300 uses these features as a foundation to produce a powerful, consistent, yet efficient servo that will prove to be in a class of its own. It is these awesome capabilities that make the A6300 a fantastic choice for giant-scale models, 3D aerobatics, jets or any application where massive amounts of torques and holding power are a must.


  • High Voltage (HV) capable (6.0-8.4v input range)
  • Outstanding torque and speed in a standard servo size (530 oz-in and .10 sec/60° @8.4v)
  • Durable and long lasting brushless motor
  • Low wear and tightly meshed all metal gear train
  • Dual bearing supported drive train helps maximize smooth operation
  • Aluminum servo case helps keep operating temperatures low
  • Soft start helps prevent component and airframe damage during un-intentional initializations
  • Over Current and Temperature protection
  • Helpful initialization start tone lets pilot know when the servo is ready
  • Integrated servo failsafe holds last known position if signal is lost
  • Frequency : 200hz to 333hz
Technische Daten:
Geschwindigkeit: 0.14 sec/60 deg @ 6.0V; 0.11 sec/60 deg @7.4V; 0.10 sec/60 deg @ 8.4V
Drehmoment: 378.37 oz-in (27.26 kg-cm) @ 6.0V; 467.06 oz-in (33.65 kg-cm) @ 7.4V; 530.22 oz-in (38.20 kg-cm) @ 8.4V
Gewicht: 79,8g
Abmessungen: 40 x 20 x 37.8 mm (LxBxH)
Getriebe: Metal
Lager: Metal
Versorgungsspannung: 6.0-8.4V